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The Recentered Life House is BACK! 

Recentered has entered into a partnership with the Huntsville Dream Center and Strong Tower Ministries to re-open the Life House.  The re-opening is currently planned for September 2019!!!  The Life House has provided a place for young adult women in crisis since 2014.   Through our experience over the last 5 years, we fully understand some will not rise to the challenges we offer; however, others will be successful.  Recentered has accepted the challenge to walk with these women as they come out of crisis situations and step into the transition phase.  We need partners to help us launch this effort!




“I have never been loved like this before”

-          Recentered Life House Resident (July 2018)


“I am thankful to have the opportunity to pour into others the way Recentered poured into me during my time of crisis”

-          Recentered Leadership House Resident (Nov 2017)

“The Recentered Life House has been a wonderful opportunity for me to reconnect my relationship with God…“

-           Life House resident (Oct 2016)

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