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Recentered Farms Vision:

JOBS RF market-place activities will provide employment and a means to impact young adults in a much greater way!

TRANSITION Many organizations throughout North Alabama and the US provide residential programs for young men and women dealing with addictions, abuse, or other crisis situations.  Very few programs provide the critical needs for young adults in Transition and Servant Leadership Development.   We have seen a tremendous need for this program in our community.   

Merea House:  In 2020, Recentered Partnered with the Huntsville Dream Center to launch this transition program for young women, many with young children.  We are currently raising funds for additional housing on the property to meet this tremendous need!

FUNDING:  Fund raising efforts for Recentered Farms began in January 2017 to launch this project.   We will fund RF through donations, grants, and fundraising activities.  In addition to our growing donor base, Recentered Farms has launched Revive Cafe in Athens, AL which sells fresh, healthy consumable products to help provide funds for operating.  We roast our own green coffee beans and sell the fresh roasted coffee to raise funds!  Please consider partnering with us for this project!

The market place activities will provide employment and a means to influence young adults in a much greater way!

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